Out of the action    Out of the sight line    One hand operation    Warm like a mitten

Slide over from the muzzel

Strap around the stock & snug

Go hunting!

Neoprene & synthetic materials!

GunMitt is a replacement for a shooting glove.  


GunMitt insulates like a mitten so you don't have to wear a glove at all!


GunMitt is made in the USA and gives you:

+  Warmth of a mitten

+  Control and safety of operating with a bare hand

+  Clear sight lines

+  Faster re-loads

+  Better shooting- bare handed, just like at the range

+  Quicker reactions- no missed safeties or triggers

+  Extended hunts - add a heat pack in the coldest conditions

+  Fits for both right and left hand shooters

+  Maximum mobility - Auto, Pump, Break action firearms

+  A happier hunt - pet your dog, use your remotes, get your keys from a pocket

+  Quick installation & removal when conditions change